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MoscomNET provides fast secure internet access for users of Laptops PDA’s and other WiFi enabled devices in selected Moscow locations. Stay in touch with high speed internet access, drop into one of our locations and get online - whether it's checking your emails, making an airline booking, or meeting clients or friends. Perfect when you are on the move, visiting Moscow on business or visit a hotspot if you need a temporary base to work from. All you need is a laptop and a WiFi card (WiFi is now standard on many new laptops/pda’s). There's no need to install any special software - just use your existing internet browser.
WiFi is developing rapidly, as at the beginning of 2004 there were around 11,000 Hotspots in the US and a similar number in Europe. MoscomNET is proud to be a pioneer of this technology in Moscow and looks forward to being of service.

MoscomNET is part of the Moscom Group of companies with over 10 years experience of providing the latest in communications technology with the maximum of customer care. We work closely with our partners, which include Fastnet Solutions, IBM, Cisco Systems and Nomadix.

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High Speed Wireless Internet Access In Moscow