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How do I set up my SSID?
To ensure access at all MoscomNET service locations, you must configure your Wi-Fi 802.11b enabled laptop to access the MoscomNET network. By setting the SSID (or network identifier) in your wireless device to "MoscomNET", your device can synchronize to our network.

Some newer operating systems such as Windows 2000 or XP can automatically detect which SSIDs are being broadcast and can connect to them. On older operating systems, the SSID will have to be set manually.

Instructions on how to set the SSID on your device will vary depending on the brand and model of wireless network card you are using. Please refer to your wireless network card documentation for specific instructions on how to configure your device, look for your vendor's wireless card documentation at:

Your existing laptop may already have Wi-Fi 802.11b wireless capability built-in. If not, you can purchase a Wi-Fi 802.11b wireless networking card for most laptops direct from the manufacturer, or at any major computer retailer.

How do I connect to the internet (log in)?

From within a MoscomNET hotspot location, launch your Internet browser. This will usually be Netscape Navigator or Internet Explorer. Your browser will automatically bring up a log-in screen. Enter your User Name and Password and click "Log in". Remember that your User Name and Password are case sensitive.

How do I disconnect from the internet (log out)?
Once you have successfully connected via the MoscomNET HotSpot network, the following window will appear indicating you have logged in and connected. When you are ready to leave the MoscomNET wireless network, click on "Disconnect".

How do I release and renew my IP address?

If you are having trouble connecting to the MoscomNET HotSpot network from within a service location, you should release and renew your IP address and retry the connection.
The problem is usually caused by moving from your company network to a WiFi location without restarting your computer, or if you have moved from one MoscomNET location to another without restarting your computer. It is recommended that you perform the Release/Renew procedure before logging in if either of these scenarios is true.

Windows 95/98
To release an IP address and allow the network to assign a new IP address, complete the following steps:
Step 1 From the desktop, click the Start button and select Run.


Step 2 Type winipcfg in the field, and click OK.

Step 3 Select your wireless network card from the drop down menu.


Step 4 Once the name of your wireless network card appears in the field, click the Release button.


Step 5 Then click the Renew button.


Step 6 You have just released and renewed the IP configuration. Try again to connect to the MoscomNET HotSpot network.

Windows NT/2000/XP

Step 1 From the desktop, click the Start button and select Run.


Step 2 Type command in the 'open' field and click OK.


Step 3 If you have multiple wireless network cards in your computer, you must first specify the correct one to release/renew by typing ipconfig /all at the command prompt, and note the name of the wireless network card you are currently using. At the command prompt, type ipconfig /release.


Step 4 If you don't have more than one wireless network card, you can simply type ipconfig /release and press Enter.


Step 5 You will then see a message that says - IP address successfully released for adapter. At the DOS prompt type ipconfig /renew and press Enter.


Step 6 You will then get a message that shows your new IP address. You may be given the same IP address that you had before. This is not a problem; your IP address has been renewed. Type Exit to close the command prompt.

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How do I configure Internet Explorer to connect via MoscomNET wireless connection?
If your computer attempts to launch a dial-up connection when you start your Internet browser, your browser needs to be reconfigured to access the Internet through the MoscomNET wireless LAN connection.

MS Internet Explorer 5.x
Step 1 In Control Panel, double-click Internet Options. Click on the tab marked Connections.
Step 2 Under Dial-Up Settings, record which options are selected in case you need to re-enable the dial-up connection later.


Step 3 Select the radio button next to "Never dial a connection".
Step 4 Click Apply, then OK. The computer will no longer attempt to initiate a dial-up connection until the previous dial-up settings are re-enabled.

MS Internet Explorer 4.x
Step 1 In Control Panel, double-click Internet Options. Then, click on the tab labeled Connection.
Step 2 Select the radio button next to "Connect to the network using a local area network".
Step 3 Click Apply, then OK. The computer will no longer attempt to initiate a dial-up connection until the previous dial-up settings are re-enabled.


How do I configure a Compaq iPaq H3600 Pocket PC and WL100 WLAN adapter?
These instructions are for Windows CE 3.0 (Pocket PC)
Note: Do not insert the PC card into the Pocket PC's card slot until instructed to do so.
Step 1 Link the iPAQ (by its cradle or sync cable) to a desktop or laptop PC with which it has an established relationship. Ensure that the devices are properly synchronized before proceeding.
Step 2 From the PC, download and run the driver SoftPaq from Compaq's website at
The SoftPaq will place a Setup30 (or Setup30.exe) icon in a folder of your choosing. The default, recommended location is the Windows desktop
Step 3 Double-click on the Setup30 icon to start the installation program.
Step 4 At the Welcome window that appears, choose Next.
Step 5 The software license agreement will appear. You must agree to the license agreement before you can install the drivers. If you agree to the license agreement, click Next.
Step 6 The Add/Remove Programs window for your iPAQ will appear, along with another window entitled Installing Applications. In the Installing Applications window, choose Yes. ActiveSync will install the drivers on your iPAQ.
Step 7 In the Application Downloading Complete window, click Ok.
Step 8 At the Setup Complete window, click Finish.
Step 9 On the PocketPC, enter "MoscomNET" in the SSID field, and then choose Ok.
Step 10 Disconnect the iPAQ from its cradle or sync cable, and insert the wireless card. The card is installed and configured, and a green light should flash on the card, then turn to a solid "on". Once the light is on, you can access the MoscomNET network by opening Internet Explorer and entering your username and password. If the light does not come on, a hardware reset of the device may be necessary. Consult your iPAQ's documentation for information on how to perform a hardware reset.
How do I react to a 'Page cannot be displayed' error message?
Check to see if you have a secured service (ie. https:) set as your default home page. If the answer is yes, then change it to any public web page address (ie. This change should correct the problem, if not, contact Customer Service.


What is MoscomNET ?
MoscomNET is high-speed wireless internet access available in convenient public locations. If you have a wireless compatible (Wi-Fi 802.11b) laptop or handheld, you can access the internet or your corporate intranet at any MoscomNET location at speeds up to 1Mbps, which is significantly faster than dial-up.

What do I need to use MoscomNET ?
A laptop or handheld with Wi-Fi 802.11b wireless capability. Some devices have this built-in. If not, you simply need a Wi-Fi 802.11b wireless networking card for your device, available from any major electronics retailer. A standard internet-ready browser on any operating system. No additional software is required.

How do I use MoscomNET ?
- Enter one of the MoscomNET HotSpot locations.
- Set the SSID (network identifier) on your device to "MoscomNET" so the HotSpot system can recognise it (some WLAN devices detect this automatically). The exact procedure is different for each device or networking card, so refer to its instructions.
- Launch your internet browser.
- You should then see a log-in screen which prompts you to log in or sign up for the service.
- Once you are signed up and logged in you have fast wireless access to the internet.

Where can I use MoscomNET ?
Anywhere displaying the MoscomNET logo. It is a short-range system, available in specific Moscow locations, such as Hotels and selected Restaurants and coffeeshops (You can't use it elsewhere). There are also hundreds of WiFi hotspot locations throughout the US and Europe. Local roaming charges apply.

What can I access ?
Any website or internet based application, including email services such as Hotmail.

Can I access my corporate network ?

You can seamlessly access your corporate network, including your company email etc, provided your employer has set up your device with your company's VPN client software (virtual private network) and the necessary security measures. MoscomNET does not guarantee to support all Corporate VPN packages.

How fast is MoscomNET connection?
Each MoscomNET HotSpot has a Broadband connection, providing speeds of up to 1 Mbps, typically far faster than dial up connections available in Moscow.

How much does it cost ?
Service charge depends on the service plan you select. 60 minute vouchers are available for Rbs 300 or you can choose to sign up with one of our subsciption options. Please see How to Pay for details and pricing.

How secure is the connection ?
MoscomNET is as secure as any other high-speed service, including DSL and cable. We recommend you use whatever additional security measures you have available, including virtual private networks, encryption and personal firewalls, to ensure complete peace of mind.

Can I connect using a Macintosh?
Yes. MoscomNET supports Macintosh users with AirPort cards. See the AirPort instructions to set it to select the MoscomNET network.

Can I connect using a Palm handheld?

No. MoscomNET works with any handheld that supports the Wi-Fi 802.11b wireless technology and a standard internet-ready browser. However, Palm devices use a proprietary web browser which is not compatible.

Where can I get more help?
For technical support in using MoscomNET, please call +7 (095) 785-58-58.

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